Wood Burning Stove and Antique Collectibles Auction - Thursday, Oct. 18 @ 5:00pm

Location: 4080 Vanguard Rd, Richmond BC

Date: 5:00pm-11:30pm, Oct 18, 2018

Auction Details

Great auction consisting of Brand New High End Wood Burning Stoves and Large Selection of Antique Collectibles and More.

Over 125 Antique and Vintage Wood Working Planes, Multiple Lots of Vintage Kerosene Lamps, 6+ Antique Flame Throwers, 17+ Antique Scales of Varrying Sizes, Large Collection of Vintage Hand Saws, Large Collection of Antique Irons, Vintage Decoy Ducks, Beaver Artight Wood Burning Stove, 8 Wood Burning Stoves, 1 Brand New Heartland Gas Range Stove, 3 Wood Burning Furnaces, Selection of Vintage Wood Crates, Mutiple Lots of Brass and Copper Collectibles, 3 Antique Oil Barrels, Lot of Antique Tins, Various Lots of Antique/Vintage Tea Pots, Toaster and Collectibles, DeFehr Westfalia Cream Separator, Butter Barrels and Crocks, Multiple Lots of Antique Office Supply and In and Out Trays, Vintage Cheque Register, Antique Gas Range Stove, Loads of Lots of Vintage and Antique Tools, 40+ Antique and Vintage Levels, Royal Antique Typwriter in Desk, 2 Antique Filing Cabinets, Antique Wash Boards, Vintage Persian Rugs, Vintage Artwork, Plus Loads More.